Variation to suit your needs…

Apr 15 – Nov 1
Low Season
Jan 5 – Apr 14
High Season
EconomyUS $1526.00US $1826.00
CompactUS $1626.00US $1926.00
MidsizeUS $1726.00US $2026.00
Full SizeUS $1826.00US $2126.00
PremiumUS $1926.00US $2526.00
Mid SUVUS $1926.00US $2526.00
Large SuvUS $2726.00US$3926.00
MinivanUS $2526.00US $2926.00

Monthly Rentals are 28-days. Rates include VERF Fee.
*Rates above are for rentals of at least 2 or more months. Rates may be negotiable depending on length of rental. Rates will vary for rentals that overlap major holidays like US Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter or July 4th as these peak times will be taken into account.