Keeping you safe while in our care…


CDW – Collision Damage Waiver
This coverage covers the rental car 100% of all damages (as long as the damages fall in line with the guidelines – i.e.: no drinking and driving, off-roading, neglect etc.) If declined at the counter the renter will be 100% responsible for any damages to the rental vehicle – charges will go onto their credit card and if they have credit card coverage then the customer will have to deal with that when they return home as we do not work with any 3rd party insurance company’s – that is why we offer our coverage. It is recommended but it is optional.

  • ECONOMY – FULL SIZE – US$25.00/day
  • PREMIUM, VANS & SUVs – US$30.00/day

CDW coverage is mandatory when using a CHECK/DEBIT card.

TPLW – Third Party Liability Waiver
This coverage covers the “other person” – the third party in an accident. If declined the renter will be responsible for the first US$2,500.00 of damages then my insurance company will take over. Credit cards will never cover liability. It is recommended but it is optional.

  • ALL VEHICLES – US$15.00/day Credit Cards DO NOT cover TPLW

RSN – Roadside Safety NetRoadside assistance coverage not included in rental: Covers replacement cost for lost keys, flat tire repair, lockout service, jump start service etc.

  • ALL VEHICLES – US$5.00/day
  • If this coverage is not taken then applicable service charges apply

Minimum age to rent is 21
Maximum age to rent is 80

Minimum authorization hold of US$500.00 or US$200.00 above the total estimated rental, whichever is greater required for rental.

Collision coverage is required when using a debit card


Mandatory Charges

LRF — License Rover FeeUS$3.50/day
VERF — Vehicle Environmental Recovery FeeUS$7.25/day

Extra if required:

Additional driverUS$10.00/day
Underage driver (21-24)US$20.00/day
Child seatUS$10.00/day
Refueling – if vehicle not returned with the same amount of gas.
Get a full tank – return a full tank (price subject to change)